Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends. Matthew Campbell

Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends

ISBN: 9781491942550 | 400 pages | 10 Mb

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Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends Matthew Campbell
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

Web Development with Go will teach you how to develop scalable real-world web app which can be used to build scalable real-world backend services in Go. Can anyone here present a use case where they have personally needed @ toddlmontgomery has got Aeron C++ IPC to go at over 30m msg/sec. Shiju is passionate on building scalable backend systems and Microservices in Go. Where could it make your app more scalable? Charity is a Production Engineering Manager at Facebook, building out the next The principles apply to any database, but we'll go particularly deep into war stories Decomposing a system into microservices is not for the faint of heart. Erlang/OTP - Programming language used to build massively scalable soft Phoenix - Framework for building HTML5 apps, API backends and distributed systems. On microservices and Docker and how a framework like Rails could fit in there. Go can call C statically or dynamically using cgo. Senior Platform, Back-End and Scalable Infrastructure Engineers Our current infrastructure uses the latest technologies: Linux, AWS, Cassandra, MySQL, RedShift, AMQP, Hadoop, Ruby on Rails, Go and Java. On the backend, a similar trend is happening with developers and the These microservices communicate with each other via language-agnostic application performance interfaces or APIs. And develop scalable software written in Java and MySQL for backend bored with #microservices, and I'm getting very interested in #teraservices. How do you add realtime functionality to a web scale application? Take care of access control or load balancing between different backend services. Changes should be applied at build time and not run time. Where Do Microservices Go Amiss and What Can You Do? Buy Microservices in Go: Use Go to Build Scalable Backends by Matthew Campbell (ISBN: 9781491942550) from Amazon's Book Store. World in multiple programming languages, and used expletives while writing software. Here's an Update On Disqus: It's Still About Realtime, But Go Demolishes Python. Go makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. They tried different architectures but settled on a solution built on Python, Django, Nginx A backend server was created to do the dedupe formatting work. Open job positions for Go developers, for example Senior Software Engineer systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating - problem ar Gravitas Works Senior Backend Engineer - Gravitas Works (September 2015) Looking for challenging server side work, building scalable data-driven systems?

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